Getting started with IPv4DAO

Hi and welcome to IPv4DAO!

We are a community that builds the first decentralized pool of IP addresses.

Our mission is to increase the decentralized ownership and community-based governance of the Internet Protocol.

We are organized as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and are happy to welcome new members of our community.

This short article is for those who have joined our DAO or are thinking about joining but don’t know where to start.

We have 4 main communication & decision-making channels: public resources, Discord, Forum, and Snapshot

1. Public resources. Twitter, Website, YouTube, and blogs - we use them to spread the word about our DAO and reach out to potential new members of our community. Please feel free to engage with us and ask public questions on these channels.
2. Discord. We use it to communicate on a daily basis. It is more like a messenger with chat groups dedicated to different DAO topics.
3. Forum. We use it for more structured discussions on complicated topics. It should not be used for things requiring repeated discussion on weekly/monthly bases. It’s better to dedicate a Discord channel to that. All DAO governance and improvement proposals should be first discussed on our Forum. It is a good practice to provide the link to the forum discussion when submitting the proposal for a vote in Snapshot.
4. Snapshot. As soon as we got a proposal ready and discussed we submit for a vote here. Once the DAO members voted we start to execute the taken decision. You will need DAO token to have vote.

IPv4DAO is open for participation to everyone.

If you want to have voting rights and get full access to the special groups - you will need a DAO token.

Anyone can discuss and propose improvements for our DAO but you will need a token to vote and submit proposals.

We have a simple model for a vote:

1 DAO token equals 1 vote.

If you have 3 tokens you will have 3 votes.


Imagine you have an idea that you think may become an improvement proposal.

The first step would be to present it in Discord and discuss it with other DAO members.

Once you gained the support and feedback from other members you may want to move the discussion to the forum.

A forum is the best way to get all the details together in one place in a structured manner.

Having a forum thread for a proposal is not a requirement but is considered a best practice.

Whichever approach you take - the end result should be an improvement proposal.

The proposal should include a brief but sufficiently detailed description and different voting options.

Once it is ready you can submit it to our Snapshot.

After that DAO token holders will have from 3 to 7 days to vote for this proposal.

Once the vote is finished, DAO is legally required to execute the decisions approved by a vote.


Let’s start with Discord.

To access IPv4DAO Discord you will need to use an invite link.

You can find it on our website, Twitter or ask DAO members to share it with you.

Follow an invite link and click on “Accept Invite” to enter our Discord channel.

Once inside click on the “Complete” button to read and accept server rules.

Take your time to read the rules, tick “I have read and agree to the rules” and click submit.

Now you’re inside our Discord server.

You can take a look around to get familiar with the interface if you haven’t used Discord before.

It is recommended to start from the “Start Here” section on the left.

Go to the “Introduce yourself” to present yourself to other DAO members.

You can copy the blank introduction form from the first message and fill it in with your details.

Hit enter to send the message with your intro to this channel.

The next channel is “Choose roles”.

It’s an easy way to express your interest in different aspects of the DAO.

Right below the only message of this channel you can see a list of emojis.

Click on the emoji that corresponds most to what you want to be doing.

You can click on a few of them if you want.

The next channel is “Verify status”.

If you already have a DAO token you can be assigned to the special token holder groups on this server.

This is needed to highlight members who are token holders and grant them access to special channels.

To start verification click on the “Let’s go” button.

Then click on “Connect Wallet”, and click “Yup!” to agree to open an external link.

You will be brought to website.

Select a contract address right after the “IPv4DAO” title and click on “Verify”

After that, you may be asked to sign the message using your wallet.

Once you see the “Wallet Connected” message - you have successfully verified your membership.

You should see that your group has changed in the list of users on the right.

Moving on…

The next channel is “gm”.

Feel free to drop gm there to show that you’ve passed by and said hi.

The “General” channel is used to communicate on all of the topics that do not have a specific channel.

The “DAO tokens” channel is dedicated to discussion about our tokens.

Feel free to ask any questions in the “Ask a question” channel.

The “Design” channel contains our logos and other useful design elements.

The “Tech” channel is for everything related to our DAO’s tech.

We collect memes in the “Memes” channel.

Fun stuff about IPv6 is stored in the “IPv6 wall of fame”.

The “Meeting notes” channel is to keep track of DAO meetings.

We sometimes include the links to the meeting videos there.

You can see planned meetings in the “Events” section in the menu on the left.

The “Onboarding” channel is for the discussion about how to better integrate our new members.

“Custdev” is used to keep track of Customer Development interviews we made and store the feedback.

We may add or remove other channels but I think you now understand how our Discord works.


Let’s have a brief overview of our forum.

It is located at

We use a Discourse platform so the interface may seem familiar to you.

For the moment the forum consists of three main categories: Proposals, General and .“Knowledge Base”.

All proposal discussions should be placed in the “Proposals category”.

The proposal topic should contain a unique identifier in its title.

We use IIP followed by a serial number to identify proposals.

IIP stands for IPv4DAO Improvement Proposal.

Please check both Forum and Snapshot before assigning a new identifier to a proposal.

To create an account on our forum click on the “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner.

You can either create a new account or Sign in with GitHub.

As you can see it’s all pretty straightforward.


Now let’s take a look at our Snapshot.

Snapshot is a decentralized governance platform that makes it easy to create and vote on proposals.

Our Snapshot space is located here: Snapshot.

On the main page of our space, you can see the list of past proposals and their outcome.

To join the IPv4DAO space click on the “Join” button right below our logo.

You will be asked to connect your wallet first.

Then click on “Join” again and sign the message.

You have now joined our Snapshot space.

To see the details of each proposal simply click on it.

Let’s take a look at IIP-3 proposal here: Snapshot

On the right, you can see its Results and the distribution of votes between two options “Agree to all statements” and “Disagree”.

Right after the proposal’s description, there’s a link to the corresponding forum discussion.

At the bottom, you can see all of the votes.

Each vote is a message signed by a wallet that holds DAO tokens.

Holding 2 DAO tokens counts as having 2 votes.

If the proposal is open for a vote you will see the available voting options and a “Vote” button.

Select the option you want to vote for, click “Vote” and sign a message with your wallet.

That sums up our short onboarding and it is now your turn to give it a try!

Bye and see you in IPv4DAO.