[IIP-10] Creation of the DevPod, Initial Grant, and Structure

I propose the creation of the first IPv4DAO pod:
Developer Pod or DevPod

The IPv4DAO DevPod will be a dedicated working group within IPv4DAO, consisting of talented and motivated developers who are passionate about making the Internet more decentralized and empowering the community. This pod is responsible for working on various projects and tasks that contribute to the growth and success of IPv4DAO.

To support and incentivize the developers, IPv4DAO offers grants in the form of ETH and Tokens, which are distributed upon the successful completion of each milestone. The initial grant allocation for the Developer Pod consists of 2.5 ETH and 5 Root Tokens, with the first milestone set at 100 hours of development work.

The grant distribution is designed to be fair and transparent, as it is based on the individual contribution of each developer, measured in hours spent working on the project. This ensures that all members of the Developer Pod are duly recognized and rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

DevPod members must arrange themselves through on-chain or off-chain methods to guarantee effective management of development tasks, encompassing the establishment of goals and priorities. The primary pod administrator holds the responsibility of adding or removing pod participants, as well as monitoring ongoing tasks, time invested in development, resource allocation, and grant distribution.

All IPv4DAO token holders can participate in voting for or against DevPod grants.

By establishing the Developer Pod, IPv4DAO aims to foster innovation and collaboration among its developers, ultimately leading to the development of cutting-edge solutions that help combat IP scarcity, support projects with a significant impact on Internet development, and contribute to the overall mission of IPv4DAO.

Example of DevPod Participation for a Developer:

Alice, an experienced developer with a passion for decentralization and improving the Internet, comes across IPv4DAO and becomes interested in joining the Developer Pod (DevPod). She believes her skills in programming and blockchain development can contribute to the growth and success of IPv4DAO.

  1. Application: Alice submits an application to join the DevPod, showcasing her past experiences, technical expertise, and enthusiasm for the project.
  2. Onboarding: After being accepted into the DevPod, Alice participates in an orientation session to familiarize herself with the ongoing projects, objectives, and priorities of the working group.
  3. Task Assignment: Alice collaborates with the pod administrator and other members to identify a suitable task that aligns with her skill set and the current needs of IPv4DAO.
  4. Development Work: Alice dedicates her time and expertise to the assigned task, regularly updating the DevPod on her progress and collaborating with other members when necessary.
  5. Time Tracking: Alice records the hours spent working on the project to ensure fair distribution of the grants upon successful completion of her task.
  6. Milestone Completion & Grant Distribution: After DevPod reaches the 100-hour milestone, Alice receives her share of the grant in the form of ETH and Root Tokens, as per the agreed-upon allocation.
  7. Continuous Involvement: Alice continues to actively engage with the DevPod, contributing to new tasks and projects while further enhancing the success of IPv4DAO.

By participating in the DevPod, Alice not only benefits from the incentives offered but also gains valuable experience working with a team of like-minded developers, ultimately contributing to IPv4DAO’s mission of combating IP scarcity and fostering Internet development.

Snapshot proposal: