[IIP-7] Web3 conferences expenses for 2023


I think that we should vote on the upper limit of expenses related to our DAO’s participation in web3/crypto conferences.

Conferences are crucial to attracting more attention to IPv4DAO and building meaningful connections in the industry.

The objective of this proposal is to define a limit to expenses related to this activity.

I think it is reasonable to approve expenses related to the participation of at least one and a maximum of two active IPv4DAO contributors to any crypto event from the link below:

As I am currently based in Europe I want to represent IPv4DAO in the following conferences:

  • NFT Paris
  • Paris Blockchain Week
  • Paris NFT Day
  • Metaverse Summit
  • Ethereum Community Conference

I think that we should set a cap on the sum of expenses (including ticket, marketing materials, transport, and accommodation) per conference and per participant to the equivalent of 1000 euros.
Everything above that would require an additional vote.

So this is how I see the proposal:

“Allow the use of IPv4DAO funds to cover the expenses related to the representation of IPv4DAO on major web3 conferences of 2023. Such expenses should not exceed the equivalent of 1000 euros per conference per participant. Expenses may include tickets, transport, accommodation, and marketing materials. Anything below that sum should be decided in a separate vote.”

Please tell me what you think before I submit it for the vote in Snapshot.


The proposal is published now: